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I haven’t got a television. Not for any high and mighty ‘I’m so much better than you and will further my mind without the aid of popular culture’ reasons, but because our television broke a few years ago when we moved house and we never got around to fixing it.

We do still watch things on the laptop but most of what we watch is something that we’ve particularly chosen to watch, it’s never just on. That makes a huge difference.

One of the good things about this is that we never have to sit through adverts, but this weekend we watched something with ads in and I must have a low tolerance after not seeing any for so long, because I was ranting after the first two.

Ads don’t seem to have changed much They’re still telling us how rubbish we are, that we need to be younger, thinner…

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Popular ^^

Heyyy , so I found this poem we wrote in Year 8 and I decided to post it .
It prolly doesn’t make any sense but please don’t judge , we were just playing around .

Coping with the new world
Don’t know what it’s made of
Trying to find my combination
Don’t be embarrassed and spoil my reputation
No one wants to be my relation
Cos I don’t have the sensation

Hanging with the cool girls
Dressed in cool pearls
I’m liked by a nerd
And it feels so weird .

:$ X_X :$ X_X kisses :*

– Nusaybah xoxo


Man Crush Monday???

I know,  I know, I know it’s usually Man crush Monday (#MCM) but this time around it’s gonna be Men Crush Monday because I can’t just help but notice PLL (pretty little liars) boys.;);)
Pretty little liars! What a great show for pretty boys with sometimes strange hair walking around a little town full of murderers. 😓
Our list for today’s MCM include:

Keegan Allen (Toby Cavanaugh)
Toby’s obviously a hottie! + he looks great doing manual labour.😘  I should mention that he’s not too big on smiling.


Tyler Blackburn (Caleb Rivers)
Caleb is pretty much as hot as toby!! The only thing he’s better at than tampering with phones is taking care of his beautiful, beautiful hair!!!😄😄. Caleb is without a doubt the reigning hot young man of rosewood. 😍


Okiess….moving on to the next guy↓
Ian Harding (Ezra Fitz)
Ez makes us smile every time he’s on screen. 😁That hair, somehow! He’s sexily mysterious but also extremely reliable, and noble, and also with a good heart. Awwwww💝💃


I’m seriously thinking about moving to Rosewood!!!😜😝😂

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How’s this for poetry ? ; I feel drawn to you.
I’m trying to fuel the fire burning in us.
Cause you got me feeling some type of way.
I see galaxies in your eyes
And hear great songs in your heart beat
I want my upper lip above yours
And, your lower lip below  mine
I want your tongue touching mine
I want to kiss you so hard you forget whose air you’re breathing
                                By: sammie yisau

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How can we call this a free world? When our thoughts are chained.
When we smile just to hide our pain.
We in 2014, how the fuck are they still racists?
Mehn, i can’t believe this.
Fuck the police
They meant to protect us
But, they the ones really killing us
All they doing is promoting injustice
On the 26, George shot Trayvor for no apparent reason
If the police can’t show restraint , how are the people meant to do it?
We in the 21st generation
But people still judging on the basis of colour, religion & nation?
Damn, we screwed , for real.
I mean it for real ( Pharell ), no William.
— Samad

He’s good !



*Chanting #WCW #WCW #WCW #WCW #WCW #WCW

It’s our favorite time of the week again!!!!!

Her name is Shannon Ashley “Shay” Mitchell (born April 10, 1987). She is popularly known for her role as Emily in the abc family show called pretty little liars.

Things we know about shay;

  • She is a Canadian actress and model
  • Her closest friend is Ashley benzo who is also starring in the same abc family show “Pretty little liars as Hanna”

Ashley and shay at a GQ shoot

  • Mitchell has Spanish lineage from both sides of her family.
  • Mitchell was born in Mississauga,Ontario to a Filipino mother, Precious Garcia, and an Irish/Scottish father, Mark Mitchell.
  •  She loves Beyonce. Who doesn’t durrrr
The power couple on thier tour #OTR posted on her Instagram.

The power couple on thier tour #OTR posted on her Instagram.


  • She suffered from eating disorder when she was in Hong Kong. *sob sob

    Now we move on to things we didn’t know about our shay!

  • She had her first kiss at 13 and it was during a game of spin-the-bottle. Awwww!
  • 1
  • Shay hearts dogs. Awww! 


A dog named bailey gotten from her Instagram page.

A dog named bailey gotten from her Instagram page.

  • She hearts Selena with the one and only, J. Lo. Duhhh!
  • She starred in a sean paul music video “Hold my hand”  in 2009.
  • She is actually not a lesbian although she plays a role as one in “Pretty little liars”
Shay with Lindsey shaw

Shay with Lindsey shaw

  • What’s Shay’s most embarrassing moment? Back in her modeling days, she accidentally exposed her boobies to an entire camera crew during a photo shoot. Oops!
  • Celebrity crush? She’s got a thing for Paul Walker. Don’t we all? (R.I.P Paul :”( 
  • Shay got her her start working at a Canadian clothing store.


Shay at #TCAs


Shay at #TCAs

  • She’s obsessed with pizza ( like me! Yaaaay!)
  • She has a tattoo. You would probably not notice it because it is in white ink but she has “love” in an infinity sign.
Shay's tattoo

Shay’s tattoo

Well that’s all i got 🙂 Haha We heart Shay Mitchell.